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Trever Skilnick | Engineer

Engineering | Design | Manufacturing | Validation | Management



Trever Skilnick is a veteran product designer, using Solidworks for both electro-mechanical systems and topographical 3D surfacing to create efficient designs that transfer seamlessly to production. He possess proven skills in validation and analysis using advanced tools of finite elemental analysis, motion dynamics and casting process simulation.


With a successful 20+ year track record in product innovation, Trever has lead and executed technology projects from ideation to consumer delivery.


A steward of product and system optimization including GD&T, design for manufacturing & assembly (DFM/A), APQP, process optimization, manufacturing implementation, sourcing, supplier management, and quality control systems.


He is a leader of strategy, vision and budgeting for product introduction and innovation developments.



A quick look at my portfolio of experience

Ultra-Pneumatic Pedal Assist Bicycle Hub

Bicycles | Alternative Energy

Giving the bicyclist a little extra oomph when needed, the ULPA wheel hub brought lightweight motoring using refillable air renewable energy to consumers at a low cost and easy to deploy.


Awarded LANL R&D prize for best new product.

Chemical & Biological Defense and Monitoring

ChemBio Defense | Consumer Electronics | Military

Protecting the citizens in America and across the globe with impressive technologies and smart packaging for government & civilian markets. Was granted US 20100255560 patent & assigned to FLIR. The BioCapture, CHIRP & Fido are part of the FLIR catalogue now.

Panther Chassis Engineering


The 2003 Ford Panther vehicle platform created a new standard for vehicle architecture, system design, manufacturing and assembly operations. The design of the cast aluminum crossmemebr and hydroformed frame won awards and was recognized by as a benchmark design. Those lessons were used for the creation of the Chevrolet SSR and the Dodge Challenger. Along the way we also created a fun upgrade for vintage Hot Rods!

Diesel Particulate Monitor & Airtec

Wearable Sensors | Consumer Electronics

The Airtec by FLIR is a NIOSH safety device to protect workers and monitor exposure to airborne particles. The pocket-sized device needs to be robust, lightweight and reliable. But patent US 20100225918 is more than a sum of its parts. It demonstrated rapid manufacturing as a viable method to deliver products to market under strict testing requirements and timelines.

Lateral Motion Bicycle Pedal


Redefining what a pedal does with letting it float to match the natural hip and knee glide paths. A little science also makes the large diameter hollow spindle lighter & stiffer than a traditional spindle. We developed the technology for the original inventor, perfected the prototypes and setup CM production in Asia.

Scrambler Hardtail Chopper


Nothing puts a smile on your face like a hard tail with chunky tires. I have great respect for a company trying to carve out a niche product and I loved developing this design.


Available soon at a dealer near you.

Electric Hybrid Offroad Motorcycle

Electric Vehicles | Motorcycles

Low cost, low weight electric diesel hybrid motorcycle utilizing 2wd hub motors to create a unique offering with no range anxiety. The rear suspension stows for a minimized package. The entire electric powertrain was developed by myself, as well as the chassis design, suspension and bodywork.


Hope to see this become a crowd funding star soon.

NGV/H2 Fuel Injection System


Injecting gaseous fuel into an engine, like natural gas or hydrogen, requires a unique fuel injector with critical manufacuring for safety and longevity. An innovative design was developed in Canada & a production facility was built in Germany.


The first version was electro-solenoid driven but a piezo version soon followed for a unique hush-hush application.

Product development of bicycle components and framesets culminated with testing in the volcanic tundra of Iceland and the mountains of Taos, New Mexico. 

Kind words from colleagues

Ed Arthur

Product Planning Configuration Manager at FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Trever is an intelligent, ambitious, and smart professional. His knowledge of our industry is vast and thorough. He has strong experience in the technical areas and immense knowledge of the performance marketplace. Very goal oriented, Trever was keenly devoted to his work and was also enjoyable to be around. I feel confident he would be an asset to any organization.

Scott Badenoch

Manager of Vehicle Performance at Delphi Automotive; CEO Badenoch LLC

Trever's real gift is in being able to comprehend the important parts of a project or design at a very conceptual level, then communicate it in a compelling fashion.

Ruud Schouten

Supply Chain Manager at GFI Control System BV

I worked for Trever when we needed a supplier to push forward in logistics and in further product development. Trever had the right skills to do the job and push the product nto the next level. Together we improved the SOP date and the yield rate. This enabled us to perfectly launch a critical new product in a critical time frame when demand was increasing. I enjoyed working with Trever, he is serious at the right timing and was fun to be with when we travelled thoughout Europe.

Dr. Charles Call

CEO at ICx Technologies & CleanSpot Inc

Trever is one of those rare design engineers that has been gifted with exceptional creativity. I could sketch a concept of a product on a napkin and by the next day he would have a conceptual design fully rendered of a cool product. He's able to create designs that fully leverage both sides of his brain

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