Concept Portfolio

These are concepts that were created in Solidworks and then rendered in SW, Modo or Keyshot.

Trever Skilnick Design Portfolio 2017
Latest summary of the designs I have completed in Solidworks that I can release to the public.
Adobe Acrobat document [15.7 MB]

Motorcycle Accessories

Cockpit Components

Custom machined or closed-die forged triple clamps, handle bar risers, gauge binnacle

Foot Controls

Unique foot controls, foot rests, rearsets and passenger pegs for offroad, road racing or everyday.


Gas tanks, fenders and seats that can alter the look and style of any motorcycle- turning it from street to scrambler, chopper or racer.

Recreational Equipment

Water Filter and Pump Combo

This was a great project, especially considering the box of legacy prototypes I started with. I have included the rendering here as the waterfilter-pump is deployed: to create fresh, safe drinking water.

Water Filter and Pump Combo

This rendering shows the pump stowed and ready to be packed. Here you can see some of the details that were engineered into the design- color-coded fittings, branding on the screw covers, and the carabiner clip mounts.

Unicorn Axles 15QRR

I love this little product. If you see me mountain biking, this will be holding my front wheel on. There are machined 7075-T6 thru axles to replace stock diecast factory ones. The use a "parkable" lever so you can tighten the axle, and then clock the lever into a position out of the way. Very cool.

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